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F.lli Vedani

Our story

1982 – Birth of F.lli Vedani Group

Founded in 1982 by the Vedani brothers, it initially operated as a commercial exchange activity for foundry products.

2000 – Growth

A constant growth and a consolidated presence in the national and international markets, guaranteed the birth and the development of its own plants to produce chemicals products for the metallurgical treatment and mechanical components for the die casting sector.

2015 – Consolidation

F.lli Vedani Group, today, boasts of qualified people with high technical knowledge and experience in the sector.

We want a collaboration with customer and supplier, and we want to guarantee as much as possible in the assistance, product quality and distribution price.

Our experience

Years of experience - 40
Country served in the world - 22
Employees - 105
Customers served
Countries in the world
square meters of production



We are always careful to quality and so F.lli Vedani want to integrate ethical values, for example respect for the customer and human rights and the adoption of all the behaviors to protect the environment, in its own strategy.


We have highly qualified and trained staff with long experience in the sector.


After a careful selection, we use better raw materials to best satisfy our customers.


We want to use the highest technology to improve our products performances.


We think that values as clarity and transparency are very important to build a relationship with the customer.

Flli Vedani Group and production


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

The company adopts a quality management system to improve performances and to build a solid basis for sustainable development initiatives.

Its application allows to face future needs and expectations in a very dynamic and complex context.

The Company wants to adopt all the necessary instruments to minimize the process productive impact on natural resources.



Our production sites respect the requirements of industry 4.0.

Machines, data and people are interconnected to manage production more and more effectively.


Vedani Group

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to three factors central to sustainability within F.lli Vedani’s strategies. This concept has evolved into the ESG factors and are the cornerstone of the company’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment.
The ESG Policy was drafted according to the strategies defined by F.lli Vedani.

In constituting the ESG Policy, the general principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to International Conventions were considered in order to create an economic, social and environmental framework suitable for promoting a healthy and sustainable world economy.

Awards &


CRIBIS D&B 1 index of maximum reliability index

It also obtained the CRIBIS D&B award for maximum reliability..


F.lli Vedani Group has obtained INDUSTRIALIA – BANDO INNODRIVER – S3 EDIZIONE 2017 recognition, in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano.


In 2017 and 2019, F.lli Vedani Group obtained the recognition as an excellent SME Enterprise by Global Strategy.


Politecnico Milano

We are very proud to have been protagonists of the Project INDUSTRIALA with the Politecnico of MilanoINnovative DUplex Surface TReatments of Interchangeable parts for cAsting low Iron Al alloys.


The project concerns the characterization of the various ceramic PVD and Thermal Spray surface treatments for implementation in interchangeable bushings, inside shot sleeve for aluminum diecasting, with low iron content for the construction of structural parts for the automotive sector.

Ethical Code

Principles of conduct

The Ethical Code is a very important document for the F.lli Vedani Group because it states the Principles of conduct, as the respect of the law, the loyal competition, the honesty, the integrity, the fair and good faith in respect of the legitimate interests of customers, employees, shareholders and business and financial partners and it contains the general principles of sustainable development and the respect for the Company.